Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A whole NEW me!!

So ive started on this 60 day slim down program. Its geared towards post-natal women. So it will target all the right areas! Im really excited about that.

The diet isnt hard, the recipes are made for women with families so Im not just making me a meal and then everyone else a different meal. We all eat the same thing. Lucas is liking it so far. Plus I get filled up on what Im supposed to eat and then he can make himself a sandwich or eat what the kids are eating for lunch if he is still hungry. There are a bunch of different recipes too. So i get to pick and choose what i want to eat each day. So far Ive chosen salads for lunchs, so ive made the kids sandwichs since they wont eat a shrimp salad. But the dinners Clara will eat. Tonight we had soft tacos. And for mine I just did what the diet said meat, cheese and lettuce. But for Clara I added sour cream because she LOVES that stuff (she is my daughter after I dont find myself hungry during the day. And I do get one snack. I choose when in the day I want it and if I get hungry later on I just have a glass of water or crystal-light. So Im eating healthier without having to put in too much effort.

The excercising is a whole other story tho. Its not hard to do. It just pushes me to keep going when I want to stop. Each interval is only 10 minutes long. And I can rest for a few minutes between intervals if I need to.  I will be doing it and want to stop so bad, but then I remember why I am doing it and that the 10 mins is probably almost up, so I push through and finish. Yesterday I got through all 3 intervals without taking more then the time to choose the next interval on the dvd as a break. When I was done I felt so accomplished. It was great. I was all sweaty and gross. But it felt good. And today was a rest day, but since it was nice this morning I wanted to take a walk. So we (I made lucas get out of bed to go with us) took the girls and the dogs on a walk. We were gone for about 30 mins, it was a nice enjoyable pace. And it was nice to get out and do something together. So the excercising is going great also.

I really feel like I can do this and not quit. Granted its only day 4, but I havent given up
Im gonna track my progress on here to give me some accountability. You guys will know if I dont post an update and hopefully will ask why and then I will have to do it. lol Now my goal is since Ive had two kids, I just want to get down to my pre-Clara size. I looked best at 135, and I think I can get there again.

Day 1 measurements:
Dominant Arm: 12 cm
Chest: 39.5 cm
Neck: 14 cm
Natural Waistline: 33.5 cm
1" below bellybutton: 40.5 cm
Hips: 37.5 cm
Dominant Leg: 22.5 cm
Dominant Calf: 13.4 cm
Weight: 150

With the weather getting nicer now we are spending alot more time outside. And I love it. When we are outside we do stuff together. I love being outside in the sun. It just puts me in such a better mood. The dogs love us being out there with them and Clara loves playing with all her friends. Summer cant get here soon enough. I want to go to the lake and go swimming and do all the fun stuff that summer brings. And hopefully by summer I can wear my new tankini and look AMAZING!! Wish me luck. Im really gonna do it this time. Lucas is motivating me and I have the determination. I cannot fail with this combination!

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  1. Way to go dani :)I think you can accomplish your goal. I've started working out as well. But am at college and we all know how well we eat ;)